In this project, it is aimed to design an autonomous, unmanned land vehicle that can be safely operated despite difficult terrain conditions, can be actively used by field staff according to need, and can also be controlled by field personnel and / or central command system. In vehicle design, we have tried to integrate the latest technological systems into our vehicle, taking into account today's existing and conceptual armed land vehicles.

Concept Design

The specially designed independent pallet system will be able to move freely under all conditions. According to the simulation, the vehicle can overcome a 90 ° vertical obstacle at a height of 1.5 - 2 meters. The vehicle is capable of carrying a total of 8 crewmembers, including 1 driver, 1 commander and 6 people, or up to 4500 liters of volume of ammunition.

Safety & Power

The surroundings of the vehicle can be seen by the driver and command center with a birds eye view system that combines images taken from 8 environmental safety cameras on the vehicle and provides a single image. The 70mm grooved bomber barrel, the 7.62mm mortar bullet system and the rocket launcher air defense system will be able to both attack and defend.


The base version can be used with equipment level for ambulance, personnel / ammunition shipment purposes. With the mine detector that can be used at the additional equipment level, it will be able to continue on its way safely and with its self destruct feature it will prevent the vehicle from passing to the enemy hand.


The vehicle will be coordinated with the common communication system with the other tools that the artificial intelligence applications are integrated with and will be able to act by creating flocks.