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Vehicle Ergoonomics

Vehicle Ergonomics can be simply defined as the ease and comfort with which the driver and occupants inside the passenger cell can access and use the vehicle controls or features. Ergonomics takes into consideration the ease of operating the vehicle and the comfort levels offered in terms of positioning of the controls and seating comfort as well.


QAPGANâ„¢ Design Team

in many production car projects, providing style proposals for both exterior and interior. Our knowledge of basic engineering, design,3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings, GD&T, Stackup tolerances, material, analysis, calibration, testing, certification, materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, production requirements, customer support is applied to projects of all varieties, ranging from the smallest component to a full clean-sheet product family design from concept to production to customer release.

Vehicle Aerodynamics

One aspect of car design that plays a part in saving fuel is aerodynamic efficiency - in other words, making sure a car meets as little resistance as possible from the air it travels through. The more aerodynamically efficient it is, the less fuel it will use to travel along at any given speed. The faster the car moves, the more important it is to keep the air resistance - drag - to a minimum.

Vehicle Aerodynamics

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